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Polenta con Davide Sugo di Pomodoro

2 cups Davide Originale Sauce
½ cup yellow polenta
2 cups water
Sea Salt - about ¼ teaspoon
Fresh small green onion or chives
Reggiano Parmesan

1. Bring salted water to a boil in a small pot or fry pan.
2. Slowly add polenta, stirring
3. Cook very slowly about 40 minutes (an extra 20 minutes will make the polenta more creamy). Taste for seasoning.
4. Place in a glass bowl you glazed lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or unsalted butter. Pat down firm to create mold. Let cool.
5. Once cool, place small woden cutting board on bowl, hold tightly, turn over and let the polenta mold rest on the cutting board.
6. Top with Davide Originale and Reggiano. Sprinkle with fresh chives.

The traditional way to prepare and serve polenta.

Historically, polenta was a Northen Italian dish consumed mainly by the poor farmers. Traditionally prepared in copper pots (called a “piaolo” or “mescolo”) and wooden spoons for stirring. Even today in Italy this tradition is considered the only proper way to cook polenta. Once placed on the wooden board, the polenta is cut with a sewing thread held tightly with the fingersof each hand.
Tomato sauce with sausage on polenta is a very savory dish commonly enjoyed throughout Italy.