Davide sauce is a proven, old world, staple food, approved by nutritionists. Compare our ingredients with other sauces. Remember, by law, food labels must list ingredients in order of quantity!


Lower Salt

I have seen pasta sauces with over 900 mg of sodium in a half cup serving. Most are 400-500 mg. Davide has 220 mg per serving. For more information on how dangerous salt can be check out the video "War on Salt" by ABC News.


No Added Sugar, No Paste

Unhealthy sauces use mostly "paste" which is bitter and made from poor quality tomatoes. Sugar, corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners are added to sauces to make up for this lack of quality. We use fresh, ripe produce that provides all the natural sweetness you would need.


No Preservatives

Nothing artificial, guaranteed.


No Dehydrated Vegetables

I can't imagine a sauce with dehydrated vegetables.



Good news about tomatoes is they're packed full of lycopene which has been proven to have cancer fighting properties.


No Soybean, Canola, or Heat / Chemically extracted oils

Davide sauces use only healthful Extra Virgin olive oil.